Enrico Brignano – Un’ora sola ti vorrei


From 1 to 10 October Enrico Brignano brings his show “Un’ora sola ti vorrei” to the Brancaccio theater in Rome.
A real race against time that of Enrico Brignano, sixty minutes to do everything, quickly and incredibly well. “Ruit hora”, the Latins used to say. “Time is running out”, we echo today. What then, what will time have to do, with all this haste? An amusing, and at the same time amused, analysis of our everyday life, where satire is the supporting means to decode and tell what happens every day, all concentrated in an hour and a half of show. But the title says “just one hour”. And don’t we take the academic half hour? Or maybe Brignano will magically manage, together with his audience, to stop time too?


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