Mika in concert


Mika is back with a new single coming out all over the world! The new song Ice Cream is available in streaming, download and in radio programming. Ice Cream is the prelude to a new album and a new tour and promises to be the perfect soundtrack for 2019. Written by Mika with Dan Black and produced by Mark Crew and Dan Priddy with Dan Black, it is the first single from his new album that will be published by Polydor / Universal Music on October 4th, entitled My Name Is Michael Holbrook.


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We remind you that our structure will be happy to host anyone who wants to take advantage of the event to visit our beautiful city by offering our best Bed and Breakfast service. Take a virtual tour of our rooms in the appropriate section, choose your favorite and book your stay.
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La nostra proposta




Ogni evento è un'esperienza unica che diventa indimenticabile se a fare da sfondo c'è il panorama della città più bella del mondo.